Are You That Guy?

We all know that guy. You know that guy. The guy who does something or says something and you just shake your head. You can see right through that guy. That guy is predictable. He is overpowered by insecurity or habit or superstition or need for attention or whatever- and it causes him to do something asinine; it behooves him to say the unsayable; it releases an inner man that doesn't belong out in the real world; it demolishes that filter in all our heads that stops certain thoughts from reaching our lips; there is no inner monologue; there is no shame in outer appearance. That guy can't be stopped.

We all know him. Some of you are him. In fact, in most cases, we are all him in some way. You may be that guy at the bar; that guy in the restaurant; that guy on the golf course; that guy on the road; that guy at the gym. We don't want to be that guy, but we are. You may even say, "I don't mean to be that guy..."- but you are.

This is a compilation of that guy. This is that guy at his best (or worse- depending on how you look at it). If you find you are that guy. Let me beseech you. Let me urge you to do something for your fellow man. Let me encourage you to stop- to put an end to that guy. We all have work to do. The first step is self-realization. Look deep within yourselves. Find out. Search. Are you that guy?

That Guy

...at the bar
...at the gym
...at the restaurant
...on the road
...in sports
...misc guy